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The Wings of Hermes: Drone visits


With a full summer programme that includes more than sixty events and guided visits in around Châtreuroux, the Châteauroux Berry Office of Tourism has invested in innovation this year and introduced a new and unique way to draw attention to its region through drone visits: the Wings of Hermes.

A first in France

On land and then from the air

In 2016, the guided visits from the Châteauroux Office of Tourism set  higher bar with the exceptional addition of a drone. A great new feature this year, the Wings of Hermes drone visit offers visitors as well as locals from Châteauroux the chance to admire four emblematic Châteauroux monuments in a new light: on land and then from the air. To celebrate this type of visit, which is unique in France, four important sites in the history of Châteauroux can be [re]discovered throughout the summer.

  • The Saint-André Church;
  • The Cordeliers Monastery;
  • The Balsan Castle and park;
  • The Raoul Castle

Despite the constraints of the property, the Indre Departmental Council wants to open the doors of the Raoul Castle to a growing public. The Council has coordinated with the Châteauroux Berry Office of Tourism to offer these visits throughout the summer. Due to their concerns about allowing so many people to access this emblematic monument linked to the regional patrimony, the Indre Department made the financial investment in a drone while maintaining the same price for the guided visit.



Châteauroux, a view from the sky: 360-degree visits

Who has never dreamed of rising above the spires of the Saint André Church? Of beholding the Cordeliers Monastery and its gardens or the Balsan with its park and castle? Of admiring the harmony of shapes on the Raoul Castle? With the Wings of Hermes guided visits, it’s now possible! The views offered from a drone are both unique and unprecedented. They highlight the architecture and urban landscape. They show the proportions, lines and sizes of the buildings while offering an incomparable point of view. The tour starts with a classic visit to the building, enriched by the talk given by the guide-lecturer. Then the drone takes off to offer each person a priceless look at Châteauroux and its most beautiful monuments. The view from the drone is displayed in real time onto a large screen.


Address :
Châteauroux Berry tourisme, 1 place de la gare
36000 Châteauroux




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