From Château Raoul to Rue des Pavillons, from Place Monestier to Place de la République, Châteauroux unveils its thousand years of history.

From Château Raoul to… Châteauroux

The origins of Châteauroux date back to the XNUMXthe century. It was at this time that Raoul Le Large, Lord of Déols, built on a rocky outcrop on the banks of the Indre, the very first feudal castle. It is then a simple motte at the foot of which a small town settles and develops gradually. As early as 1112, we find in the texts the term Castrum Radulphi or, Raoul's Castle to designate the city. What could be more normal when we know that no less than seven lords bearing the name of Raoul have succeeded each other at the head of the territory!

By contraction, over time, Château de Raoul thus becomes… Châteauroux!

René Pécherat / Departmental Archives of Indre

In the middle Ages, Châteauroux has a completely different face. Built in length, it was then surrounded by ramparts of which there are still some vestiges today, on the side of Place Roger-Brac in particular. Located at the crossroads of two very important roads: the Vézelay route on the way to Saint-Jacques de Compostela and the Paris-Toulouse commercial axis, Châteauroux is an important city, renowned at the regional level for its fairs and markets.

From the old royal road to the rue de l'Indre, from the Saint-Martin gate in the rue des Notaires, Châteauroux will reveal its unsuspected treasures to you which recall, with simplicity, all the beauty of an ancient flourishing medieval city. Places Saint Helena, La Fayette and Gambetta still mark today the location of the old outer ditches.

Come and enjoy the charm of the small cobbled streets of our historic center. Departing from the tourist office, a free tour of around an hour and a quarter allows you to discover the essentials of the history and heritage of our town. Thirty-six totems will inform you throughout your journey.

Ask for the map free of charge at the tourist office.

Guided tours of Old Châteauroux

Guided tours of the historic center of Châteauroux are organized from time to time for individuals, especially during school holidays.

For any group request from 8 people, specific visits are possible.

  • Contact Julie on 02 54 34 79 00.

Go on a visit, in total autonomy, using the Wivisites tour routes!

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