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History & heritage

What is the origin of the name of the town of Châteauroux?

Châteauroux owes its name to Raoul castle which dominates the banks of theIndre. Built in the XNUMXth century by Raoul the Large, it was owned by no less than seven lords of Déols named Raoul, hence the name Castrum Radulphi (literally Raoul's castle) which was given to him from the XNUMXth century. The city having been built at the foot of the castle, it naturally took the same name as this one. A name that over time has turned into Châteauroux.

Is it the Château Raoul which is represented on the coat of arms of the town of Châteauroux?

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the Raoul castle which is represented on the coat of arms of the town of Châteauroux but the door to the Guédons. This is an old medieval gate, which no longer exists, located on the site of the current Town Hall. It allowed access to the city walls.

To make no mistake, just count the number of turns! Château Raoul has only one, central. Old medieval gates had two.

Is Saint-André a cathedral?

It is often confused with a cathedral because of its imposing volumes and its architecture characteristic of the great Gothic cathedrals of the XNUMXth century, but our Saint-André church is not one of them. Built in the XNUMXth century in a neo-Gothic style by Alfred Dauvergne, this church dominates the sky of Châteauroux with its majestic spiers. But to admire a cathedral in Berry, you have to go to our neighbors in Cher, in Bourges.

Visit Chateauroux

What should I visit in the city center of Châteauroux?

In order to make the most of your discovery of Châteauroux, pick up for free at the tourist office our tourist plan. This lists the main points of tourist interest in the city and offers three walking routes to discover the history and heritage of Châteauroux.

What are the places not to be missed in Châteauroux and its surroundings?

Museums, castles, churches, etc. Find without delay the & unmissables of our destination!

Do you organize guided tours?

But of course ! Our team offers you a rich offer of guided tours & entertainment for young and old during school holidays, throughout our territory.

What can you do without a guide in Châteauroux?

We offer you various services that can be performed independently. Rally, escape game, free walk in the city center, etc. Our team is at your disposal to find the activity that best suits your needs.

  • Information at 02 54 34 10 74.


What can you do for free in Châteauroux?

Many places are accessible for free to visit:

Our team also provides you with a tourist map offering a walking route to discover the city center of Châteauroux independently.

Also take advantage of two free tourist circuits to discover via the Wivisites application: heritage walk in Châteauroux et Enigma city.

Is Château Raoul open to the public?

Château Raoul is only open to the public during guided tours that we organize in partnership with the Indre Departmental Council, which owns the premises. These visits are generally held during school holidays and European Heritage Days.

  • Information at 02 54 34 10 74.

Do you offer guided tours for groups?

We organize all year round guided tours on request for groups from 8 people. City tours, visits to Raoul castle, thematic tours, etc. Our team makes every effort to respond to your request and allow you to best appreciate the riches of Châteauroux.

Do you offer guided tours for schools or summer camps?

We have a rich offer of entertainment & guided tours for children. City tours, treasure hunts at Château Raoul, rally, etc. Our team will make every effort to help you organize an outing that meets your expectations and the age of the children concerned.

  • Contact Julie at 02 54 34 79 00.

Pratical information

What department is Chateauroux in?

Châteauroux is the prefecture of the department ofIndre, in the region Centre-Val de Loire. We are located 2h30 by car south of Paris. With our neighbors Expensive, we form the historical province of Berry.

  • The funny anecdote

We are sometimes confused with our namesake in the Hautes-Alpes: Chateauroux-les-Alpes. 7h15 of road separate us however. Be careful not to make a mistake on the holiday route by coming to see us! 😁

How to come to Châteauroux?

By train, by car, by bike… all roads lead to Châteauroux, prefecture of the Indre department, in the heart of France!

Where to park in Châteauroux?

More than 3 parking spaces are at your disposal in Châteauroux, in car parks or on the surface.

Where can I connect to WiFi for free?

Châteauroux Metropolis offers all users free internet access thanks to a public WiFi on certain areas of the city. Operation launched since 2016, the installation of WiFi terminals thus makes it possible to connect with a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or other connected objects in the public space.

The areas of the public space benefiting from a wifi hostopot are as follows:

  • Belle Isle Park : from La Guiguette to Belle-Isle beach;
  • Jardin public Jean Giraudoux and Cordeliers gymnasium side;
  • Downtown with the Places de la République, Monestier, Gambetta and Napoléon;
  • Ecocampus Balsan : Center for Higher Studies and the House of Students;
  • Station pole : bus hub place Voltaire and place de la Gare;
  • Champagne Square in Beaulieu;
  • St. John's Square at the mall ;
  • Skatepark of La Margotiere.


Where can I find souvenirs, gift ideas and local products?

Looking for the perfect gift? Want to bring back some Berry in your suitcases? Local products, fashion items & accessories, books, postcards and posters, decorative objects, etc. You will definitely find what you need in the shop of our tourist office.

What are the market days?

Every day its market or almost! Find the complete list of markets taking place in Châteauroux and its territory on our dedicated page.

Where can I find the list of shops in Châteauroux?

For a shopping day in town, go to the site The shops of Châteauroux. 

Tourism providers

Tourist service provider, I would like to join your network of partners.

Our tourist office now has more than 120 partners. Accommodation, restaurants, delicatessens, bars, sports, cultural or leisure activities, etc. We would love to have you with us!

  • Discover all the terms and conditions of membership on our professional space
  • Contact Julie at 02 54 34 79 00

How can I find out the amount of tourist tax for my accommodation?

The amount of tourist tax depends on the classification of your accommodation.

For all questions relating to the payment of the tourist tax, contact the services of Châteauroux Métropole:


Host, how can I declare my nights?

The declaration of your nights is done directly online on a dedicated platform.

For all questions relating to the payment of the tourist tax, contact the services of Châteauroux Métropole:

Seasonal rental: my rights and my duties

Do you own accommodation in Châteauroux Métropole and want to make it available to holidaymakers in season?

A guide from the Ministry of Housing lists the information you need to know to rent a property as furnished accommodation.

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