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In July 2024, the Paris 2022 Board of Directors chose the Center National de Tir Sportif (CNTS) in Châteauroux as the official competition site. 15 Olympic titles and 13 Paralympic sports shooting titles will be awarded in Châteauroux in the summer of 2024.

Châteauroux welcomes the games!

The Center National de Tir Sportif will host in Châteauroux 27 July at 5 August 2024 the 340 Olympic athletes then, from 30 5 September 2024 August the 160 Paralympic athletes in the shooting and para sport shooting events of the Paris 2024 Games.

Inaugurated in 2018, the CNTS is, to date, the largest site of this type in Europe. Property of the French Shooting Federation, this shooting center is primarily intended to host all types of championships, whether national, European or world, in all sports shooting disciplines. Its selection as the official site for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games is thus the finest consecration.

Paris 2024: where can I buy my tickets?

Ten million tickets are on sale for the Olympic Games. Tickets, available by lottery, are on sale on the official website Paris 2024 Tickets. Those drawn have had access to it since May 9, 2023.

An official resale platform will be open on May 15, 2024 until the Olympic Games.

Three million tickets are available for sale for the Paralympic Games without a draw, on the official platform.

Can I still apply to become a volunteer?

The application portal for Paris 2024 has been closed since 9th May 2023.

If you have applied for the volunteer program, you can access your personal space by by clicking here.

I am looking to rent accommodation for the duration of the competition.

Our team of stay advisers is at your disposal at 02 54 34 10 74 or by email to [email protected] to help you find accommodation.

You can already consult the list of our partner hosts.


Residing in Châteauroux, I wish to rent my main residence for the duration of the competition.

You can rent your main residence within the limit of 120 days per year without the need for a change of use authorization.

Before renting

You need to perform a prior declaration at the town hall. This formality is mandatory, failing which you risk a fine of 450 euros. For accommodation located in Châteauroux, Ardentes, Arthon, Coings, Déols, Etrechet, Mâron, Montierchaume, Saint-Maur, the declaration can be made directly online on the site DeclaLoc. For the other communes of the agglomeration, you should contact your town hall directly to fill in the Deer 14004*04.

You must also request your registration in the directory INSEE siren. This process is completely free. It will allow you to obtain a number necessary for your identification with the tax services during a certain number of steps:

The rent

The amount of the rent is fixed freely, at your discretion, the framework of rents not being applicable to tourist rentals. However, we invite you to find out about the amount of rent charged over this period for similar properties. It is important to note that the rents received must be declared in 2025.


In order to make your accommodation known to the public, we invite you to join our network of tourist partners. An insert will thus be dedicated to your accommodation in our practical guide (distributed to all our visitors and on request by post and email) as well as a page on our website. You will also benefit from personalized support according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact Julie, our commercial relations manager at 02 54 34 79 00 for further information.

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